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The Ferrett
3 July 1969

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The Ferrett is a grouchy fuck who likes complaining, good movies, corduroy pillows, strange and bizarre stories, the downfall of modern civilization, shoulder rubs, watching bizarre surgical procedures, and in general watching humanity make an ass of itself. Say what you will, but as a form of entertainment you NEVER run out of things to watch.

A Note On Friends: Feel free to friend me. I visit all people who've friended me from time to time, but I only friend you back if I feel I must absolutely see what you say the minute you say it. Otherwise, I drop by when I can. (I used to drop by once a month, but man has my friends list expanded.) I do try to read everyone who's friended me; it's the least I can do.

If you're wondering, "How the fuck did he get that many friends?", here's your answer: The Compleat Guide To LiveJournal Stardom and Fame (plus the followup Whoring For Comments and the serious advice on How To Avoid Psychodrama). Also note that LJ users can tag any of my entries at will - I have given you all full power to label my writings as you please - so go nuts. Just keep in mind that others can overwrite you.

Also, I hate LJ-Cuts. I find them annoying; the only things that should be cut are bandwidth-chewing photos and spoilers. (Speaking of which, here's the official spoiler policy on this journal. Short version: if it's over a decade old, you shoulda seen it by now.) If you have something to say, don't wuss it away behind some cut! If it's as interesting as you think it is, gimme the entire thing. If not, then don't bother. Be warned that should you friend me, I do blather.

If you like my emoticons, the images are stolen directly from The Ferret Tarot, only $14.95 and well worth the money. (I'm not a pagan, but I like ferrets.)

The Complete Ferrett Chronicles
There are some stories I don't write just so I'll have something to say at parties. There's nothing more I hate than launching into one of my old-time classics, then hearing a bored, "Oh yeah - you wrote about that, didn't you?"

Damn. Foiled again. One day I'll run out of witty things to say, and I'll just walk around lamely handing out URLs. "Here ya go, this is funny, read it when you get the time."

But if I were to write my autobiography, at least, most of it would be already in print. Given that I've put most of my amusing anecdotes to paper, the book is half-written. So you wanna know who I am and what I'm about? It's all here.

Beginnings and High School Years

College and Drifting

The Disastrous Ann Arbor Years

With Gini

The Philosophy Of A Weasel

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