The Ferrett (theferrett) wrote,
The Ferrett

So Where Has Ferrett Been?

"You haven't posted anything in over a year!" people say.

That's not true, though!  I'm posting away semi-regularly at my website But when I shut down my LiveJournal - partially because I was uncomfortable funnelling old Google-traffic to its owners, partially because it just didn't feel like "my" site any more - people said I vanished from view.

Truth is, the feeds just weren't updated to point at the right location.  So this is one last post to say "Hey, I've moved on, here's where you can find me."  Because while I miss all of you crazy LJ people, enough people dropped away that LiveJournal stopped feeling like home to me at some point.

So if you're using RSS to track me, repoint your RSS feeds to  If you're bookmarking me, change it to, because this will be the last post I make here.  If you're on Twitter, I'm microblogging away at @Ferretthimself, and if you're on Facebook, well, sorry, but I'm trying to minimize my contact with that evil empire.

(And if you friend me on any social network, hit me up there to say who you were on LJ!  We'll always be buddies.  Telling me your old LJ name is like a secret handshake, and I will always be happy to hear from you.)

That said, here's the big news: I have a new novel coming out.  It's called The Sol Majestic, and basically I threw everything I loved into a box - five-star molecular gastronomy dining filtered through a Willy-Wonka-in-space lens, two dysfunctional boys falling in love, grand philosophical tracts on how food makes your home, all nailed down with a chaotic, memorable cast of characters.  I think it's the best thing I ever wrote.

If you preorder it now (it comes out in June 2019), you'll get all sorts of cool stuff sent to you - a signed bookplate, a secret drink recipe from one of the world's best cocktail bars (no joke), and even a secret secret non-drink recipe.  The details on how to get all your swag can be found at my main site.

And if you just wanna sign up for my newsletter, which will tell you about my most notable blog posts on, well, I started one of those too - and they'll tell you when I'll be doing an appearance in your town.  (As of March 5th, I'm holding a contest where anyone who signs up can win a signed advance copy of the book.)

Anyway.  I'm not here any more.  If you are, or your RSS feed is suddenly saying "Ferrett has a new entry!", update your software.  I'm elsewhere, man.

I hope to see you there. 
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