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The Last Week Of The Clarion Blog-A-Thon. Can You Help? - The Watchtower of Destruction: The Ferrett's Journal
August 2nd, 2013
09:52 am


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The Last Week Of The Clarion Blog-A-Thon. Can You Help?

It's the last week of the Clarion Blog-A-Thon, the annual writing exercise I do for my alma mater.  I have raised $850.  I'd like to get to $1,000 before it finishes this Sunday.

If you donate a mere $5, there's good value in it, I think; in the Clarion Echo, where I've been live-writing things, I've posted the final drafts of not one but four stories that I've already sent out for publication:

  • "The Sturdy Bookshelves of Pawel Olizsewski," the tale of perhaps the oddest wizard you'll ever meet, and the envious obituary writer who attempts to dissect his magic;

  • "The Cultist's Son," the darkest story I've ever written (or think I will ever write), detailing the damage a Shub-Niggurath cultist did to her son;

  • "REMployee of the Month," a flash fiction about retail workers who put their shifts in while they sleep;

  • "Run Deeper," a Lovecraftian spin on, of all things, Minecraft.

I think paying $5 for four short stories isn't a bad deal.  But if you're a writer, there's also close to 10,000 words of commentary on how I edited those stories from first to final draft, laying out in detail what I thought was wrong with each of the stories and describing how I fixed it... or how I abandoned it.  I try my best to put you inside my messy little writer's head, showing you all the tiny tricks that takes a story from "readable" to "good."  (I won't say "great," as I never love my fiction, but at least two of these stories are literally as good as I'm capable of writing right now - The Cultist's Son is some of the best characterization I've done in the past five years.)

So there's a lot in there.  Plus, if you donate $25, I will critique a story for you - I've got four people with critiques I just have to write up, and there's room for more.  Donate $5 (and email me with your LJ user name), and you'll get to see ALL THE STORIES.

Like I said, I'd like to hit $1,000, and I think I've done the work that even a small donation will get you your money's worth.  So if you've got the cash, please think about helping out the next generation of sci-fi and fantasy writers.

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Date:August 5th, 2013 06:58 pm (UTC)
Either last year...or more likely, two years ago...I donated an amount that was supposed to get me a story critiqued. Only thing is, I didn't have a story for you at the time. I still don't have anything besides a short story and a truckload of slightly embarrassing fanfic, but I would totally love to read the blog you mention here. I'm sorry I didn't donate this year but I just got back from Pennsic on Saturday so I missed the deadline. Would you consider letting me read the blog?
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