The Watchtower of Destruction: The Ferrett's Journal - April 19th, 2004

April 19th, 2004

April 19th, 2004
10:47 pm


Not Much To Post On Lately Except The Final Conflict

My lovely daughter Amy is in town, and we've been doing some bonding. In between the bonding, I've been delving into some problems with mySQL fulltext searching and discovering fascinating answers.

If I get some time on Wednesday, I may well write something super-keen.

But I did promise this poll to all of you, so we shall have... The Final Showdown!Collapse )

Incidentally, I had some people ask me, "Well, isn't that comparing apples to oranges? One's a word, the other's a mispronunciation! You can't compare them!"

I sure as fuck can. Whereas you can fucking hell swear your ass off around me all the goddamn day long, if you mispronounce words that are in common usage repeatedly, despite corrections, it offends the living fuck out of me.

I'm fucking tired of dumb asswipes informing me that my words are offensive, but I'm not allowed to consider your ignorance offensive. Show me your tits, that's a body part. Who cares? Show me a profanity, and I could give a rat's ass; that's just a word with mutable meanings.

But a mispronunciation is a sign of stupidity. Willful fucking stupidity. Especially when it's something where the proper pronunciation is widely available, and is in fact stated on the news almost nightly. And that offends me more than all the dumb, arbitrary strictures that society has put around a handful of naughty words and concepts.

This is not about naughty words. It's about what offends. And for what I'd be willing to bet was a pretty large part of society, an ignoramus is the greatest offense of all.

Hmm. I wonder how the President and John Ashcroft would feel if we started fining White House staffers $500,000 every time they willingly mispronounced a word? I don't know about you, but to me it would feel like sweet, sweet justice.

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