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Oh, The Irony - The Watchtower of Destruction: The Ferrett's Journal
February 4th, 2003
07:33 pm


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Oh, The Irony
Feeling guilty over the doom I had sentenced on Scrappy's head, I let him out to roam around the house for awhile. Generally, he's confined to my office, since ferrets have never been noted for their bowel control even under the best of circumstances... But he had just gone, and I felt I owed it to him to let him run about and sniff to his heart's content.

He vanished.

I mean, I'm a pretty good ferret wrangler, but I turned my head to look at the postman and he was gone. I looked in the usual spaces, and he had completely gone bye-bye. I spent the next hour wandering about the house, screaming, "SCRAPPY!" at the top of my lungs, knowing that I was calling out to a deaf and mostly blind ferret.

Anxious and half-relieved - maybe he had actually ascended, God's way of taking the burden away from me - I eventually realized it was useless and returned to my computer, too anxiety-stricken to actually work. I then went worked on the redesign of theferrett.com, listening closely for the little scrabble of feet.

Gini came home. We searched for half an hour, turning the house upside-down. No soap. I was really sort of happy about this, since I was hunting him down to kill him on Friday; the mixture of emotions was giving me heartburn.

Eventually, he came trundling out three and a half hours later, no worse for the wear.

And so I find myself wondering; I mean, if he's well enough to run amuck on me like this, am I being too premature? Or is this one last happy romp that puts paid to a lifetime of incarcerations?

I don't know. What I do know is that in the downtime, too panicked to work on any paying projects, I finished the first iteration of theferrett.com's revamp. Do me a favor and take a look?

(And yes, I know the writings are riotously incongruous; the header, "Why I Can't Rape My Wife," is the last official theferrett.com article, whereas the text was pulled up at random from a tender love note to my bride. Consider it spacer text.)

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Date:February 5th, 2003 09:25 am (UTC)

about the ferret

A friend of mine recently had to put down her old horse. That animal was closer to her than any of her parents or friends, so he was hardly "just a horse." He had already suffered a serious chronic illness...and twice in the past week, he had rolled down a gentle hill and couldn't get up. She finally put him down after the second fall, which twisted his guts beyond repair. Perhaps some would think it was cruel of her to keep him alive for so long...but I tend to agree with her decision. Maybe it's better to let Scrappy decide for himself when it's time to go. He might be in pain, but how do we know that he doesn't prefer to pain to oblivion? From your description, it seems that that had ferret has some life in him yet--in terms of spirit, if not years. Maybe you should at least hold off for a while...

But then again, I've never seen your ferret. You would be the best judge of when it's time to let him go.
Date:February 5th, 2003 11:15 am (UTC)

You haven't mentioned having taken him to the vet yet. A good vet will tell you if he believes Scrappy to be in unbearable pain, he will also tell you if there is anything that can be done to make him comfortable for a while longer.

We both know how hard it is to find a vet that really knows what ferrets are all about, but the exam you have scheduled on Friday should give you the info you need. Just remember, the decision is not written in stone, obviously your vet will tell you if he believes that Scrappy can still enjoy his life until God decides to take him. And even MORE obviously, at that time you can choose to take the little guy right back home.

I wish you could consult with our vet here in Norwalk, who's REALLY great with our guys (and girls). If he doesn't believe an animal is in unbearable pain and unable to be helped he simply won't put the animal to sleep, no matter what the owner wants. He's got a little guy (re-named Vin Diesel) at the office right now that his owners brought in completely bald and presumably in the last stages of adrenal gland disease. They wanted him put down, that was it. They paid their bill and left. So Doc did a little checking and found that there was nothing wrong beyond some serious stress. Happily, all of Vins fur has grown back, he's happy, he's healthy and now he's ready for a new and better home. His previous owners believe him dead.

I hope your vet is of the same ilk as ours. If he doesn't offer you a complete rundown of Scrappys condition, seek a second opinion. No GOOD vet will put an animal down without informing the owner of all the options first.

Good luck.


P.S. I think I may know what happened to Sneezer. Seven years ago, we moved into an apartment on Stuart Avenue (one block over from Clinton, you know) and shortly thereafter acquired the first in a long line of ferrets. While we were strolling the neighborhood one evening with our darling baby weasel we ran into another couple who asked if we had, some years before, misplaced a similar weasel. Seems that while they were moving into their apartment a ferret wandered in the door and made herself at home. Not wanting to argue with her, they let her stay and loved her very much. Their ferret matched Sneezers description perfectly and from what I can recall, barged into their lives at around the right time. Besides, how many small, dog-like, light-sable female ferrets could have been lost in that neighborhood at that time? I choose to believe that it was Sneezer, and though I'm sure she's passed by now, the last (I think) I knew she had a good home and people who loved her.
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