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02:18 pm


A Spoonful Of Jealous Makes The Poly Go ‘Round

If you’re dating me, you’re most likely polyamorous, so let me give you some wise advice:

Be a little jealous once in a while.

I don’t desire a constant jealousy – a fuming “Oh, I saw you talking with HER” isn’t going to help much.  I’m apparently a flirty person, even if I don’t always see that, and if I have to spend most of my time smoothing your feathers, well, I can’t see this working out in the long run.

But a dash of jealousy lets me know you care.

The occasional revelation that sometimes you’re envious of the attention I lavish upon others tells me you value the time we spend together.  A periodic insecurity that I might leave lets me know that I occupy a space in your life that no one else can fill.

If you’re too cool, I start to think that I’m interchangeable in your life, a nice option that you’d get by without.  If your attitude towards the orgy I just had with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders is a constant, “Oh, that’s great, I’m sure they’re wonderful in bed,” then I start to wonder whether you love me or just don’t mind having me around when I happen to be there.

And in return, I might admit the guy you were exchanging silly puns with on Twitter last night made me twinge.  Just a teeny bit.  Nothing I can’t live with, because the name of this game is open relationships, but hey.  Sometimes we’re irrational that way, no matter how we front.  And I won’t act upon that emotion, but I’ll let you know it’s there.

Admit you’re a little nuts.  Because I know I’m a little nuts about you, love.

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