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Surfed here through rollick. Loved your story. Pimped your post. Hope you get more most excellent tales. I can't think of a truly great embarrassing sex story, so here are some fun, brief highlights:

*College boyfriend and I are going at it, same routine as always, night after night, always the same. (that relationship didn't last for a reason!) In the middle of coitus, we both simultanously just stopped (not FINISHED, mind you, just stopped going at it) and rolled over. He picks up the TV remote; I say "oh yeah, The Simpsons is on", and we proceed to watch TV. Yeah, it was that bad.

*Same college BF as above decides he wants to try something new; the ever-famous tittyfuck. I say sure, I'm up for new things. He's going at it, enthusiastically, I'm thinking 'well, this is kind of fun'; I look down to see the action just as he starts going off; I get a shot of cum right in the eye. Whee! Semen stings! Who knew? :)

*OK, this one's pretty funny, but it's not mine. My gay college roommate had his BF down visiting one weekend. They go out to see a movie. In the meantime, I'm puttering around the house, cleaning, playing with the ferrets, etc. Some time after they left, I see Luna, our 1-pound little white female ferret, come running out of said roommate's bedroom...in her mouth is a rubber dildo that is longer than her. She proceeds to drag said dildo by the NUTS to her hidey-place under the couch. Nothing is more fun than having to rescue your gay roommate's boyfriend's dildo from your ferret...unless, of course, it's having to explain to your roommate and his boyfriend WHY their dildo is perched on top of the TV in his room when they get home!

That's it for me. :)
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