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Alright, why not...
After a few tries at various colleges, I ended up going to a small residential vocational college on the other end of the state. I met my ex there, and during one of our better moments, we were in my room playing Magic. Somehow, it turned into "Strip Magic," of which the rules are incredibly confusing but less important than getting the other person naked but not TRYING to be obvious and strip them down. I was better than him at Magic, not just in the quality of cards, but I just was better at gameplay. I had taught him afterall. Usually, for the sake of his pride (and so he wouldn't throw a fit when I won too often and stomp off, as he did a lot) I would let him win. Not this time.

So there I am, missing a few items of clothing, and him... butt naked except for his hand of cards. He's aroused, but his overactive need to beat me has made him incredibly serious about the game. It was a hilarious sight, but you can't laugh... how can you explain "Honey, I find you sexy, but you look like an idiot!"

I did finally win the game, and we began to mess around, with a nice blow job to start it off. From there we progress to the sex, and the night ends with him going back to his room and everything was fine.

Until the next day, when he wakes up and tells EVERYONE about the new development this morning on his penis. Apparently, I had been so enthusiastic and he so into it, that he had a hickey. Let's call it "ring around the collar." It wasn't the entire appendage, but literally "ring around the collar."

I think it was my roommate and her boyfriend (now husband) who named me "Hoover." And everyone else followed suit.

Hell if I know how I did it, and it's not something you can replicate... but it's something they STILL like to bring up to embarrass me at the DAMNEDEST times!
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