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Re: A two parter..
Part 2

After sucking tongues on the dance floor for half an hour, we decided we needed to get back to his place NOW. We weren't that far away so we hopped into the BMW after making out for a few minutes outside of it...then inside of it...then pulling off to the side of the road to make out again. I was half undressed by the time we got to his apartment and I lost my panties somewhere in the BMW.

We got to the front door, still attached at the lips, hands groping everywhere and I felt my tummy give a gurgle.
I ignored it.
Hell, it's just a little tummy gurgle, right?

We pratically fell thru the door and Gabriel proceeded to tumble me onto the couch, threw my skirt over my thighs and proceeded to go down on me with a gusto I had never experienced before.
My god, I was in heaven splayed out over that couch with the legs draped over his shoulders.
And my tummy gurgled again.

I ignored it because, hey, I'm coming like a rocket by this time and my stomach rumblings were WAY at the bottom of my list of priorities.
He finally came up for air and I turned the tables on him and started blowing Gabriel's horn with as much enthusiasm as he had shown to me.
By the sounds of the groans, I'd say he was as appreciative, too.
Then my belly is started to not only gurgle but churn a little.

I chucked it up to nervousness and kept doing what I was doing, because hey, I've got a hot guy here with his fat schlong in my mouth, who's about to come any moment.
I take that shit very seriously.
I never leave a "job" half done.

Gabriel's moaning harder, his hands are fisted in my hair and he's alternately calling out both mine and God's name loudly.
Then the nausea hit me like an out of control train.
My stomach gurgled, twisted and lurched and I felt this immense pressure as the contents of my stomach erupted just as Gabriel did.
He just sat there stunned, covered in vomit and come.

I ran to the bathroom, bawling and still vomiting. I was laying on the floor of the bathroom and in between the heaving and the blubbering, I kept trying to apologize to Gabriel thru the door. He was strangely calm throughout the entire debacle. I just wanted to die.

To make an incredibly long and painful story short, I finally came out, cleaned up the mess while he was in the shower and snuck out.
I was so completely mortified and devastated. I called a friend to get me and hid out inside of a convenience store for nearly an hour until she showed up. I saw Gabriel pass by looking for me, but I just couldn't face him after hurling a $200 dollar dinner in his crotch.
My friend picked me up and drove me back to my place and I never saw Gabriel again.
He did call and leave me messages about 5 times begging me to see him, but I couldn't bring myself to talk to him. Now I realize how stupid I was being.

So there you go, Ferrett.
I ended up losing my panties, my pretty crystal bowl, the jewelry, CD's and books he bought me and even worse, missing out on a chance with the greatest guy I've ever met.

Dinner at A Different Pointe in Time: $200 +
Cover charge at nightclub: $20
Gifts: $150 +
Panties: $5
Finding a guy who'll still call to ask you out after you barfed all over his cock? Priceless.
Tell me I'm full of it:

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