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A two parter..
Here goes, Ferrett...

I went out with this guy, Gabriel, a few years ago. He was gorgeous, successful, intelligent and built like a god. Needless to say, I was shocked he even asked me out, but ask me out he did.
He picked me up in his black BMW on a Saturday and off we went.
He took me to the museum and a classical concert. Afterwards, Gabriel bought me this gorgeous candle in a crystal bowl with faceted pieces of crystal on the inside. It cost $75 dollars and he didn't even blink at the price. He even bought me a few other goodies, insisting that I "needed" them.

I kept thinking, "Oh my god. This guy is treating me like a princess...I must be dreaming this. It's too good to be true!"
Turned out it was actually too good to last.

He ended up taking me out for a wonderful late dinner at A Different Pointe Of View which is a very fancy restaurant on top of a mountain in Phoenix. Just for the record, if you ever go there, the view is amazing at night.
The menu was dazzling. I remember eating foie gras for the first time. I can't remember the exact meal I got, but it had blue crab in it. I will never forget THAT little detail.

Now, I'm allergic to lobster. Every time I've had lobster, I've gotten terribly ill, often spending an entire evening regurgitating my mistake in whichever restaurant bathroom I happened to be in at the time. It took me doing this three times to figure out it was actually the lobster that was doing this to me and nothing else.
But hey, this is crab, right?
Crab isn't lobster. It's a different crustacean. It doesn't even look like a lobster with the exception of the claws, so hell, I'll be alright if I eat just a teeny bit.


After this amazing meal of fine wine, foie gras and an entree with just that teeny bit of blue crab stuffing, we set off for a bit of dancing at a local hotspot. I felt completely fine. Hell, I felt better than fine.

I was having the time of my life being completely pampered and spoiled for the first time ever. I had a man who was attentive, handsome, smart and he was obviously turned on by my well rounded figure. I had ALL intentions of being horizontal by the end of the night. Turns out I did end up horizontal, but not in the way I had planned.

This was too long to post at one time so the other half is next...

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